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What Identifies Antique Jewellery Beyond Vintage Jewellery?

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It might be difficult to determine exactly when any object was manufactured and, consequently, how valuable it is. Below is a brief introduction to the distinctions between vintage and antique jewellery as recognised by the jewellery industry.

‘Antique’ and ‘vintage’ are phrases that are casually used because of the attractiveness of historical items. These phrases frequently just denote items that are valuable because they are old.

While the term “vintage” is frequently misused to imply that an item’s appearance or quality is significantly influenced by the time period in which it was manufactured, its technical meaning varies from goods to goods. For instance, vintage wine is produced from grapes from a particular year, but vintage apparel refers to clothing that is at least 20 years old.




Any ardent South Indian would tell you that antique or temple jewellery with an aged texture is the greatest jewellery style for 2020. Any piece of jewellery that is 100 years or older is typically regarded as antique. Today, however, the term “antique jewellery” refers to the reimagining of ancient culture-inspired historical jewellery styles. Women are choosing antique-finish jewellery this season due to its classic elegance and chic appearance. Let’s learn more about intricately crafted jewellery with an antique style that was created using traditional techniques.

Similar to regular jewellery, antique jewellery has more conventional designs that honour and represent ancient cultures. They typically have a dark brown in colour or matte finish and are large pieces of jewellery. After the item is produced in 22K yellow gold, a natural black polish coating is placed to give it an ancient aspect.

Each item of antique jewellery tells a tale and is linked to bygone eras, thus they are generally large and broad in dimensions. Additionally, each piece has a higher-than-average gold weight to make it appear opulent. These antique-looking jewelery pieces can be more costly than standard jewellery because of the fine craftsmanship and greater manufacturing costs. They are made of 22K gold.

Antique jewellery typically refers to vintage pieces that have been handed down through the years. But today, jewellers create brand-new jewellery using vintage-looking, classic styles. Women all over the world have taken a great liking to this jewellery since it has an antique polish and provides the wearer a classy, classic image.

To give antique jewellery a classic appearance, precious and semi-precious jewels and pearls are frequently added. Valuable metallic material, diamond, ruby, emerald pearls, and other semi-precious and coloured stones/beads are used to create this traditional jewellery.



Why to choose antique jewellery?

  1. Excellent Value
  2. Better Quality
  3. Investment
  4. It Has A Romantic Feel To It
  5. It is morally and environmentally responsible

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