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What are metals your store sell?

We sell Gold and silver in our store.

How much time is required for making jewels by your store?

Depending on the ornaments, minimum 3 days to maximum 15 days.

Which is known as pure gold?

24 Carat is the pure gold.

What is the deal with CZ?

A mineral known as cubic zirconium, or cubic zirconia as it is commonly known, is frequently used in place of genuine diamonds. It may be shaped into well-known diamond shapes like the emerald cut, princess cut, and asscher cut and is manufactured to appear and feel like the genuine thing while being substantially less expensive. One benefit of having a CZ stone is that, unlike diamonds, cubic zirconium may be coloured any colour. The fact that cubic zirconium gems genuinely resemble natural gemstones is another fantastic benefit. Because wearing cubic zirconium jewellery is a terrific method to stay current with fashion, even the wealthiest individuals do so.

What is a head or crown?

When referring to jewelry, the head is the piercing system or carrier that holds a stone in place. A head is typically a separate component attached to a piece of jewellery via welding or soldering to support a gemstone. The 4 or 6 prong carriage in a typical engagement ring is an illustration of a head. The “Head" is fused or soldered into the ring shank, which serves as the ring’s body before the diamond is set.

What is a cluster setting?

In jewelry the term “cluster” refers to any group of gemstones set in a prong cluster.

What is Rose or Pink Gold?

By alloying 24KT pure gold with copper, rose gold, or pink gold, is produced. By nature, pure 24KT gold is a deep yellow tint, whereas copper has red undertones. The outcome of melting the two metals together is karat gold with a rosy pink colour. Sometimes, silver is combined with copper to increase the metal’s workability and durability.

often, 14KT rose gold is made up of 58.5% pure gold and 41.5% copper silver alloy, whereas 18KT rose gold is often made up of 75% pure gold mixed with 25% copper.

What is the difference between comfort fit and regular?

Inside, the Comfort Fit is contoured, making it simpler to glide on and off. Unless you specifically ask for a different fit, all of our rings are created with comfort fit. If you wear an 8 in regular fit, you might be closer to a 7.5 or 7.75 in comfort fit because it runs slightly smaller.

What is Rhodium plating?

For white gold to have a brilliant white sheen, rhodium plating is required. Off white is the actual hue of white gold. Since gold is naturally yellow, we must add white alloys to make it white. White gold is given a thin layer of the rare platinum group metal rhodium since it is impossible to get a pristine dazzling white.

If a jewel design is picked from catalogue, can it be made with desired gold pound?

Yes, It is possible to replicate the design from the catalogue using the necessary amount of gold.

Do Diamond and platinum jewels are available with your store?

Yes, we sell diamond Jewellery in order basis and platinum jewellery we do not sell.

Do you sell jewels online?

No, we are not currently doing online business.

What are payment options do you have?

All available means of payment, such as Gpay, PhonePe, Paytm, and NetBanking cheque.

Do you have any special catalogue for bridal collections?

Yes, special catalogues and designs with antique collections are available for special occasions, especially marriage.

What is the difference between gold vermeil and gold plated?

Brass, nickel, or any other kind of metal that has been electroplated with gold is typically referred to as being gold plated. The higher-quality gold vermeil is made from sterling silver that has electroplated gold on top of it. Additionally, it is the perfect choice for those who are allergic to metal jewellery.

What karat gold is best?

916,22 K is the best gold.

How is Gold soldered?

By melting gold solder to connect the two surfaces, two pieces of gold are bonded using the gold soldering technique. Jewelry is created and repaired with gold soldering. Depending on the required purpose, soldering can be done using a torch, furnace, or machine. The purity of the gold solder must match the karat of the materials it will connect with in order to comply with FTC regulations. The jewellery industry has access to gold solders in all karats, hues, and melting points.

Is your metal Hall marked?

An official mark that certifies the authenticity of precious metals is called hallmarking. In the UK, gold, silver, and platinum are all hallmarked. If you buy jewellery that is not hallmarked, it may not necessarily be fake, especially if it is vintage or imported from abroad. However, it would be wise for you to request testing before parting with your cash.

What can I do with my old Jewelry?

Let’s repurpose any outdated jewellery you have hanging around into a brand-new item! We will gladly work with your diamonds and chosen coloured stones because we enjoy working with heirloom jewellery. We regretfully cannot utilise your gold at this moment to create a new piece, but we are happy to apply it as credit to a future or current order.

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